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Qinghe County lisen rubber factory

    Qinghe County lisen rubberas established in 2001, is a set design, development, production, sales as one of professional production companies advertising word edge. Plant is located is known as "the hometown of Wu Song, cashmere capital" Qinghe Xiaotun industrial area, in the big wide, silver-green and surrounded by the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, location and convenient transportation. On the road 10 years of growth and development, Qinghe Sen experience from scratch, from small to large process, its own brand, "Sen card" word sidebar, with annual sales accounted for 80% of market share, has become Chinese word sidebar areas of production banner. Word is currently the edge of the largest areas of production, and most all varieties, the best quality word edge of the deep-processing enterprises.
    Our main products include: more than 100 varieties of steel core edge strips, stainless steel trim, color aluminum trim, color-coated steel side strips, six of its own patented invention, best-selling products in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, stable quality reliable and widespread user's trust and praise. Meanwhile, Allison has always been guided by the market, increasing research and development efforts, we continue to meet customer demand, also recently developed a special trim around the word machine. Boundless word sidebar, sidebar special glue, etc., for customers to buy. 15-year reputation protection, 15 years of excellence, 15 years of R & D focus on the word sidebar integrity Sen, and you would like to join the festivities, and seek common development.
    "LiSen edge of the word" is the Qinghe County Rubber Factory Allison word sidebar Weili Sen card. By Allison Brand word edge of popular favor in the advertising industry, now on the market a lot of people and a network of fake Allison word sidebar, sales of customer deception, directly affect the interests of customers and force Sen. Therefore, factory declaration, in addition to the following contact, the other counterfeit products belong:Tel: 0319-8032681 8032682
Fax: 0319-8032683
QQ:839521086 648525885
Cell phone: 15833684616

≡   NATIONAL SERVICE TELEPHONE:0319-8032681    PHONE NUMBER:15833684616(Same as wechat)
≡   CORPORATE EMAIL:839521086@qq.com    qhlsxs@163.com
≡   BUSINESS ADDRESS:Sanpu, Xiaotun Industrial Zone, Qinghe County, Hebei Province
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