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Qinghe County lisen rubber factory

Telephone: 0319-8032681    0319-8032682
Fax: 0319-8032683
Cell phone:15833684616  

Q Q:839521086
Mailbox: qhlsxs@163.com
URL: www.qhlsxs.cn  www.hblsxs.com
Address: Hebei province Qinghe County Village Industrial Zone

≡   NATIONAL SERVICE TELEPHONE:0319-8032681    PHONE NUMBER:15833684616(Same as wechat)
≡   CORPORATE EMAIL:839521086@qq.com    qhlsxs@163.com
≡   BUSINESS ADDRESS:Sanpu, Xiaotun Industrial Zone, Qinghe County, Hebei Province
≡   TECHNICAL SUPPORT:Xingtai wangshang software development Co., Ltd    copyright:Qinghe Lishen rubber and plastic factory